About Me

Before Isagenix I was struggling with 15 sticky lbs. To some that may be insignificant, but I lost and gained the 15lbs over 20 times in my life – so that’s 300lbs – I was a self-proclaimed serial dieter.

It was easy to avoid social situations because I felt uncomfortable in my body. So frustrated with the inability to maintain the weight loss after trying multiple programs. No matter how much I food prepped, bought organic and followed a clean eating regime,  I was lacking energy, totally overwhelmed and exhausted. What scared me the most, was that I would enter mid-life and not enjoy my adult children and future extended family to the fullest.

Luck, Fate, Faith or whatever you call it! I am eternally grateful to my childhood friend Stacy. She introduced me to the Isagenix system over 2 years ago. Together with my husband, Jason, we embarked on this program fully thinking it would be another failed attempt.

As a result of the Isagenix systems – Weight Wellness, Performance & Healthy Aging (yes we use them all), we are saying YES to social situations and new adventures, more confident knowing we can be successful and have an abundance of energy. Our marriage has a new life.

Now, I feel re-energized, liberated from the old ways of living, and excited about sharing my experience to help others achieve their goals and live out their dreams.

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