5 Tips on Fitness and Exercise

5 Tips on Fitness and Exercise

When I think back at the activities of my parents, they were so busy working that exercise was not a priority. The effect of not exercising does not show up until you are much older. It is a fact that as you age you lose lean muscle just like eye sight, skin elasticity and other effects of aging.

We can all get caught up in a cycle of going in 100% and then backing off 100%. It’s an all-or-nothing mentality. I used to be one of those people. I’ve tried everything – I even read once that sleeping in your workout clothes helps your subconscious mind agree to exercise the next day. Now, I make exercise a part of my daily routine mostly for my mental clarity and focus.

Some of my tips about exercise:

  1. Evaluate your fitness level before you start - You can hire a fitness professional to outline strengths and weakness as well as recommend a program to you. If you start too fast or too hard, injury is a real possibility. Before you start a program, consult your doctor. We do not want any program to begin with an injury.
  2. Grab a buddy – Having an accountability partner for exercise is a great way to start any program. You help to motivate each other to stay the course.
  3. Make it convenient – exercise at home or close to home. The large fitness stores have low cost equipment available. You can research on You Tube and find all kinds of free workouts to try. Joining a gym is not necessary. Be creative.
  4. Be consistent – It takes time for your body to respond. Set a goal of 8 to 12 weeks of consistent exercise and see how you feel. Maybe even set mini goals along the away with fun rewards for you and your workout buddy.
  5. Studies show that interval training – a type of workout that alternates low and high intensity activity – can help ramp up your heart rate and get your fitness to a whole new level with less time.  Training to boost your workout.  Based on your current fitness, interval training can be as simple as adding a few minutes of speed walking or slow jogging into your morning walk! Aim for half-hour exercise sessions five times a week and gradually increase the high intensity length of your workout as you get more fit.

How do you stay fit today? Email me at alison@alisonandco.com and share your exercise routines and fitness tricks and techniques!

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