6 Days of Fun at Home for FREE

While we are at home, it is important to enjoy each day and make a memory of special times. Why? Because we need to live in the present moment. It helps to reduce anxiety, depression and focuses on the here and now. This week I thought I would spice it up a bit and outline some FREE stay at home. I would love for you to share - please post below. Cheers to enjoying the next 6 days!

Crossword Puzzle

Print out the New York Times Monday Crossword Puzzle – easiest day! It is a fun activity to do together.


Write 3 letters to friends telling them about your experiences being at home. It is a great way to share your feelings!


See who can get to 5,000 steps first in the house. Movement is important. Walking 5,000 steps is about 2 miles.

Grateful Jar

Make a Grateful Jar for each person in the house to use nightly (use a clear container and cut-up paper). Add a new entry each night to fill up!

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night along with snacks. We love introducing the old classics!

Special Brunch

Cook a special brunch for the family and eat it like a picnic. So fun especially if the weather is good. Enjoy outside.

Hugs, Alison.

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