8 Reasons to Write A Personal Note

Do you think that writing a personal note is outdated?

Starting at a very young age, my parents instilled in me the importance of being thankful and grateful. Saying thank you, being polite and taking time to write personal notes for gifts, nice gestures and for someone’s passing.

With automation at our fingertips, I believe that expressing our gratitude has changed for some people. Do you think it’s acceptable to send an email to thank someone? Maybe it depends on the situation. I guess I’m a bit old fashioned, but I still like to send cards, notes and letters.

Have you seen the number of paper stores popping up? What about the cost of cards? Some are upwards of $5-$7 per card and require extra postage because of the size and weight. You can get some great cards at the Dollar Store to save on this expense. Also, some specialty stores have sales and you can purchase personalized stationery to use on any occasion. Don’t forget to pick-up some stamps too.

8 Reasons to Write a Personal Note InfographicHere are a few ideas of when a personal note might be a good idea:

  1. Thank You Note – General thank you when someone does a nice gesture for you and you are so appreciative.


  1. Congratulations – It’s always great to receive a note of congratulations for promotions, moving into a new house, having a baby and getting engaged.


  1. Gratitude for Helping – It may be in your nature to help someone in need or give of yourself when you see or hear that they are in need; however, no one is obligated to do so. While that may seem a bit harsh, understand not everyone feels the same. It is important that you recognize when people go out of their way to help you by showing gratitude with a personal note.


  1. Giving and Receiving – Gifts are a natural for personal notes. When my husband turned 60 last year, I had not idea what to give him. I reached out to our family and friends requesting birthday cards in hopes of getting 60. Well, I got over 60 and boy was he surprised. It took him all day to open the cards and read them. It was a bit overwhelming, but at the same time, he laughed, cried and enjoyed every message. Great idea if you have a special birthday coming up. It turned out better than I could have every hoped.


  1. Good Job on a project – Do you sometimes ask your employees to work overtime, reschedule their time off or take on extra tasks? A verbal thanks, a good review and a raise may be the standard in most companies so show appreciation; however, I think when the task is completed and the result is achieved, an immediate thank you is in order. Maybe a letter to their file instead of a personal note may be more appropriate, but acknowledging it is important.


  1. Interview – Want to make a good impression on your potential new boss or company? Take time to write a personal thank you note for an interview. People are busy and if you feel they spent time with you, helped you understand the job and believed it is a good fit for both, write them a letter of gratitude. Caution: Make sure your grammar and spelling are impeccable. I suggest writing it in a software program first and then handwriting it.


  1. Lunch Box, Backpacks & Luggage Notes – What to make a good impression on your children? Add a sweet note to their lunch box, backpack or if they are home for the weekend, throw in a little note in their suitcase to find when they unpack.


  1. Condolences – I remember when we lost my grandparents, aunt and father-in-law. It was many years ago, but we loved reading the cards and letters from family and friends. People took the time to share pictures, tell stories and some sent other memories. Loss takes on many colors as you work through your feelings, having the cards to re-read and bring their memories to life is nice when missing a special loved one.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have other ideas when writing a personal note is a good idea. Email me at alison@alisonandco.com


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