8 Simple Foods That Help with Hydration (Includes Infographic)

Dehydration is a health risk, especially in the summer. You can avoid dehydration by ensuring that you’re getting enough liquids from your drinks and food. Here are 8 simple foods to help you with hydration:


  1. Cucumber. This popular vegetable is about 96 percent water, and can help you stay hydrated. Adding Cucumber to your water with some fresh mint is also very refreshing.
    • You can snack on cucumber slices throughout the day. Dips such as hummus can make eating this vegetable more fun.
    • Cucumber soup is another option that tastes great and provides plenty of fluid.


  1. Celery. The water content of celery is an estimated 95 percent. You can add celery sticks to your snack bag for a quick hydration tip, or incorporate celery into your meals.
    • Although it doesn’t have many calories, celery provides water and important nutrients like vitamins A and K.


  1. Romaine Lettuce. This lettuce has nutritional value along with a high water content.
    • Like Celery, it does not have many calories, Romaine Lettuce provides protein, 9 essential amino acids, calcium, Omega -3’s, More Vitamin A than Carrots, Iron, Rich in Vitamin B’s including 213% Folate(B9), Vitamin K and is Mineral Rich. Read more... 
    • Romaine lettuce is a popular addition to salads, but this isn’t the only way to enjoy it. You can use it as a wrap instead of bread or tortillas. You can also eat this lettuce by chopping it up and adding it to cooked dishes like stews.


  1. Tomatoes. Tomatoes are about 95 % water and 5% carbohydrates. All varieties of tomatoes, including grape and cherry, will add to your hydration. Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable? If you guessed fruit, you are right. Most people use tomatoes as vegetables.
    • Tomatoes are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, and folate. Read more...
    • One fun fact about tomatoes are that they contain Lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant – protecting against cell damage and 85% is consumed in America through tomatoes. If you cook with tomatoes, this increases. Read more...
    • The smaller varieties of tomatoes can be eaten on their own as a quick snack. The larger varieties can be sliced for salads or sandwiches. You can also make tomato soup that is chilled instead of hot.


  1. Watermelon. Vegetables aren’t the only foods that can keep you hydrated. Fruit like watermelon is also an easy way to get your water. Choosing a whole watermelon can be tricky, here are some great tips: Read more...
    • Watermelon’s water content is around 91 percent. Enjoy fresh watermelon or add it to a fruit salad. You can also blend it to make a unique smoothie.
    • For those who have a food allergy or sensitivity to tomatoes, this is another excellent source of Lycopene as noted by it’s pink color.


  1. Broccoli. At 90 percent water content, broccoli is an amazing vegetable that can keep you hydrated and provide fiber and important nutrients as well.
    • Broccoli originated in Italy and was brought to the United States in 1920. The largest broccoli grown was in 1993 and weighed 35lbs. For more fun facts: Read more...


  1. Star Fruit. If you want to try something exotic to stay hydrated, then consider star fruit. This fruit has an estimated 91 percent water content. Star fruit is a delicious way to make your fruit salad more fun.
    • Star Fruit is high in Vitamin C. If you have kidney problems, this fruit may need to be avoided. Here is a great article on the benefits and risks of Star Fruit. Read more...


  1. Baby carrots. Baby carrots have more water than regular carrots, at approximately 90 percent water. They’re easy to pack and carry, so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. Be mindful of the portion size because these delicious veggies are high in sugar.
    • Did you ever notice that the packaging is wet? According to the Food Network, this is filtered water to keep them hydrated. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the carrots (to remove any excess chlorine), check the expiration date and use within 30 days. Read more...
    • Baby carrots and dips seem to naturally go together. You may want to try dips like ranch or guacamole with them. You can also try caramel or chocolate dips for a delicious treat.


Dehydration can be prevented with simple steps like eating more foods that naturally hydrate you. These foods can make staying hydrated on a hot, summer day an easy process.


What are your favorite fruits and veggies to assist with hydration? Love to hear from you via email at alison@alisonandco.com


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