About Me


Chief Operations Officer is Essential.

Serving as Chief of Operations for over nine years and recently in a consulting role, the position involves pivoting to a “working from home” environment, ensuring the office is safe and putting out fires.If you are like me, you are grateful for your position, especially when so many are out of work, and work daily to keep the company fully operational. “On-Call” is 24/7. But…that does not change your personal circumstances… The Squeeze Life is real!Do you rise early in the morning or lay awake at night wondering how you are going to tackle these personal goals?1. Save for Retirement
2. Help Your Aging Parents
3. Pay for College/Financially Support Your Young Adults

How would it feel to have a secondary income flow that allows the relief and flexibility to finally tackle these challenges? Multiple streams of income is an area I am passionate about – I mentor motivated individuals on building an income stream through online e-commerce.

Partnering with a health and wellness company over the last four years has given me the toolkit for my own healthy aging while at the same time growing a viable secondary income.

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