Are You Keeping Score?

Over this past weekend, the word “scorecard” kept coming to mind. Why? I guess because I am constantly scoring myself: Healthy & Wellness (including Spirituality), Family, Career, Friendships and Community. Am I able to hit all every day? Time blocking my day helps to be more intentional and achieve goals. BUT… during this time at home, I have found alternative ways to touch each area. Touch is the key word here. Here is my personal score card.

Health & Wellness is my life vest for energy, strength, and positivity. Putting myself first, in this way, is continuing develop. During the #stayathome order, certain days are better than others.  My community of support provides drive to stay in check. Eating healthy, sleeping and hydration is like brushing my teeth, but exercising has taken on a new form. I walk most days, taken a few on-line classes with my family and ride the stationary bike, but it is not at my typical level. I keep telling myself, it’s ok and it is! Praying for the safety of my family, friends and our country and manifesting that we come out of this better and stronger is a daily exercise. Score: Jumping for Joy!

Family consists of my husband, 3 adult children and 2 dogs. Two children are independent and live in a different city – our youngest is graduating from High School this spring. Four days before the #quarantine, they arrived home to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral and have not returned home. It was March 13, 2020

It is May 11, 2020.  Almost two months under one roof for the first time in 8 years. Each of us has found our own groove, space and been able to share our voices. Has it been easy? Mostly. I’ve lost my “-hit” a couple of times, but I love having everyone together. 

Communal cooking, cleaning, and grocery on-line ordering is the norm. I would say most nights we make our own meals but try to eat together. The older children are amazing cooks and enjoy being in the kitchen (colliding at times too). Watching them prepare their favorite dishes and see how they eat is wonderful. 

Time together is priceless – late night discussions, movies, games, art projects, sharing ideas about careers, walks in the neighborhood and celebrating together. Finding ways to celebrate our youngest child that is graduating as too been an experience. Luckily, she enjoys being home and family time, but misses her friends. Hopeful the school will pull off an in-person graduation. We all need closure. 

We do have extending family. My sister and her family live up North and enduring the isolation in a positive way. Staying in touch has been fun! Virtual events and talking over #facetime are fun! My parents live nearby, and we have social distanced with them. Praying they all stay healthy and safe! Score: Priceless

Career is taking on a new light. Most of my days, prior to #COVID19, were spent networking. I love people. They give me life. Helping others to look and feel their best is my passion. It has been a wonderful time to talk to people because most are open to the idea of regrouping and looking inward to improve. Especially now since staying home is lingering! Changing your own behavior and making yourself a priority, is probably one of the hardest goals, but very rewarding! What is giving me life during this time? #Zoom! I love jumping on Zoom calls with people, teams and leaders. Score: Always room for improvement and growth! 

Friendships – oh how I miss seeing my friends. We are doing our best to stay in touch over text, phone, and social media. I love my friends. Thank you to all of you who have lifted me up and supported me during this time. Score: Sending Kisses to those reading this article!

Community has shown to be stronger than ever. Watching the first line workers, doctors, nurses, and those providing community support is inspiring, wonderful, and heartwarming. Thank you! We pray for your health and safety!  What have we done? We agreed as a family to stay home because of our health risks. We work from that foundation. 

We continue to support local businesses, tip well, donate snacks to front line workers and financially send money to food banks. Luckily, we can. It does not feel the same as physically helping, but that must be okay. Score: Sending our prayers and love!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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