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Nate Pinkard, Assurance America

Lunch & Learn

Alison comes as a subject matter expert on nutrition and stress management. We’ve leveraged her acumen in two lunch and learn sessions for our associates. I’d have to say that one of the reasons that we’ve asked her to return is because of glowing feedback from our associates from her first visit and secondly, the fact that she does a wonderful job of engaging our associates; thus, creating an interactive learning environment versus just a lecture. We’ve enjoyed our time with Alison and would highly recommend her as a resource on health and fitness topics to others.

Joyce D - Atlanta, Georgia

My journey started with Alison as her personal trainer. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a life long friendship and business partner.

We both decided to embark on a new venture. Alison hit the ground running and began to seek knowledge, skills and attend training seminars to understand the new business. It wasn’t long before she began to look like a “Pro” and because of the knowledge she gained and applied she grew at warp speed. I always knew that she was special because of her kind heart and giving spirit. However, I didn’t know that her professionalism, work ethics and organization skills (these are necessary for this profession) were so strong.

Alison has literally taken me under her wings and began to pour a wealth of knowledge, support and tough love into me (it was a wake up call). I am forever grateful for her taking time out of her busy schedule to teach me to be my best. As a result, I feel that she has equipped me with the necessary tools to grow and succeed not just in business but in life! She is caring, loving and one of the best support systems that anyone can ask for. I feel like I owe her my life. I am so grateful!

Assurance America

Alison, you were amazing!  The associates loved your spirit and your delivery. We absolutely will refer this program to other organizations and would love to have you back with us.


Thanks so much for presenting to our group and for the delicious lunch! Great takeaways and we’re all motivated to make some positive changes.