Can you forgive yourself as you would forgive others?

“Commitment is a considered response rather than an immediate reaction and requires our continued vigilance and energy. A decision takes place in a moment in time while a commitment consists of many consistent decisions over time.” – Caruso Leadership

In this blog, I want to encourage each of you to not give up on achieving your personal goals for 2019. According to the Business Insider, “about 80% of people fail to stick to their New Year's resolutions for longer than six weeks.” Read more...

By next week, a high percentage of us will give up on our personal goals/resolutions for the year. Why? Who Cares!!!

You can start over. Everyone deserves as many “do overs” as they need to get it right.

What I find to be the MOST frustrating part of my own behavior is that I don’t always learn from the past (I am not referring to dangerous or harmful situations) – do you ever feel that way? Do you ever find yourself in the same position once again and asking yourself – “why am I back where I started?” Personally, giving up or quitting is not an option for me. I guess I truly need a bunch of “do overs”.

My challenge is to re-think “why” you set the goal in the first place, what it will take to re-commit (or find a similar one) and if you encounter a challenge, commit to how are you going to respond, reset and keep moving forward.

Train Yourself to Respond Rather Than React

This article has 7 steps to learning to respond rather than react. It’s very interesting because it addresses the fact that you must commit to the goal and choose to be consistent. I love it and it seems that most highly successful people adopt this concept. Who knew?

How will you reset?

Deciding how you will reset upfront may help you to allow yourself a brief “time-out” from the pressure/stress. Changing your emotional state will help reset your thoughts.

Let’s consider a few options for resetting:

  1. Take a shower/bath – you might think that I am crazy, but I have always found water to be very calming.
  2. Watch a funny You Tube video.
  3. Listen to an encouraging song or one that makes you happy.
  4. Call your accountability partner for support and non-judgment.
  5. Cry – Everyone deserves a good cry!
  6. Go for a walk, run, swim or any form of exercise to get those “happy” hormones flowing.
  7. If getting healthy is a goal, don’t sabotage your goal by giving into emotional eating. Try one or all the above suggestions.

Keep Moving Forward

Let’s decide today that moving forward is within our power and control. We are strong, we are determined, and we have the fire in our bellies to make our wishes, dreams and desires become a reality.

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