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On March 12th, I was eating dinner with my college roommate at a local restaurant. We always have a great time together laughing and catching up. Although we live in the same city, we do not get to see each other often. We do make a point to meet for dinner on our birthdays one or twice a year. 

We were just finishing up and I received a call from my husband. His mother had passed away, in a local assisted living facility, and he wanted me to meet him. Doris Schneider was 91 years old and had suffered with dementia. It is a cruel disease. We were able to honor her with a beautiful graveside service and one night of Shiva in our home. These activities were within a day of the Stay at Home order. Our family will be forever grateful the circumstances played out this way. 

What does this have to do with Manifesting Your Life? I, now, believe a lot. Here is a brief history.

In January, my friend and business coach, Sharon Gutierrez, published a book called The Manifest List. The book is a tool/workbook. Not sure what I was doing, I bought the book basically to support her. I read the instructions and proceeded to complete the first page. Each day you can journal - 6 Things to Manifest in Your Life, 20 things You are Thankful for Today and Three Things You Will Take Action on Today. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but here is the ironic thing, I believe it works. Here is my first entry…

January 18, 2020

6 Things to Manifest in Your Life

  1. My children come back to Atlanta 
  2. Continued closeness with my husband
  3. My youngest daughters’ safety when she goes to college
  4. Good health for myself as I grow old
  5. Continued health for my family including my immediate family
  6. New teeth (ok a bit selfish..I have awfully bad teeth stains from medicine I took when I was 9 months old that permanently impacted my adult teeth – teeth envy) 

20 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Waking Up
  2. Healthy Family
  3. Home
  4. Warmth
  5. Loving Family
  6. Parents
  7. Husband
  8. Sister
  9. Kids
  10. Writing Blogs
  11. No Gum (I stopped chewing gum in October 2019 – an obsessive habit I choose to stop)
  12. My passion for helping others feel and look their best
  13. Ability to give back to our community
  14. Eyesite (not even sure why I wrote this one – but what the heck)
  15. Hot Coffee
  16. Cellphone
  17. Love 
  18. Air
  19. Freedom
  20. Sleeping

Three Things You will Take Action On Today

  1. Organize my office
  2. Exercise
  3. Video Tape My Content

And… there you have it. I continued to write in the book 1-2 times a month….not daily as recommended. The first entry was always the same…My Adult Children Come Back to Atlanta…

Oddly enough, with the passing of my Mother in Law, my adult children came home for the funeral and have stayed. I will be forever grateful. Did my manifesting this make it come true, even for a brief 2 months? Who knows, but I will tell you that while the pandemic has thrown a complete wrench in our lives, having them with us is the greatest gift. We are together, we are safe, we are learning to live under one roof, and we are supporting each other. 

How has it been you ask? Only each of us can weigh in on that one. My vote is grateful. I will take moodiness, stir craziness, feeling like I need to be productive each day when I really don’t want to, constant cleaning, and who knows what else, over one of us getting the horrible illness, potentially being in a hospital alone and all the time wondering from a far if my kids are ok.

Each day, I only focus on what I can control and that, my friends, is keep me remarkably busy. The world has changed forever,

So together…  Let’s manifest a cure for the virus, let’s manifest a downward trend, let’s manifest health and wellness for all, let’s manifest the safety of our loved ones, and heck let’s manifest we will all come out of this better and stronger together. I genuinely believe it can happen if we all believe!

If you are a person, now like me, who believes, try the exercise of manifesting. You can buy  -The Manifest List on Amazon, you can contact the author at, @SharonEGutierrez, on Instagram, @ComplimentsofSharon on Facebook or on her website

Wishing you continued health and safety!



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