Four Tips for Improved Sleep – Part 1 of 4

Getting the right amount of sleep consistently is a vital element of wellness. In my opinion, if you really want to obtain better health, improving your sleep patterns  should be your first major step.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, the body repairs itself while sleeping.  Your body finds restoration through rest, which is why getting a good night’s sleep can help you have more energy, improve your physical exercise performance and even help you lose weight!  It’s true – studies show that you are likely to eat up to 385 calories or more per day if you are not sleeping well.

We are bombarded daily with many responsibilities at home and work, which is why finding ways to improve your rest at night is key. Here are my four tips for improved sleep!

Tip #1: Schedule Sleep

Scheduling sleep may seem ridiculous, but we did it as kids – why not as adults? Try setting aside 7-9 hours a day for sleep for just one week and make a mental note of how you feel each day. My guess is that you will feel less stressed and overwhelmed. If you find your scheduled week of sleep yields positive results, make it a commitment to yourself for the rest of the month and hopefully, the rest of your year!

P.S. Buy a basic alarm clock so your phone isn’t next to your bed – looking at your phone’s screen can disrupt your sleep. (See Tip #3).

Tip #2: Organize Your Bedroom

Sleeping in a messy bedroom filled with papers, laundry to fold, exercise equipment and whatever else you have chosen to dump in your room, can subconsciously affect your sleep in a negative way. Think about it, looking at “unfinished projects” can only deter your mind from relaxing. Organizing your bedroom is known to help in many other ways too. Wink! Wink!

Try diffusing the Essential Oils in your room to promote relaxation – email for more information

Tip #3: Cover The Blue Lights

Blue lights from our cellphones, televisions and other sources can actually prevent restful sleep. About 6 months ago, I decided to charge my cellphone right outside my bedroom. I just set my alarm and up I go to start my day. You can purchase covers for your equipment.

Tip #4: Set-up Tonight for Tomorrow

Prepare tonight for tomorrow. When my kids were school age, we would take a few minutes in the evening to pack-up school backpacks, layout our clothes, set the table for breakfast and review what was on our schedule for the next day. Consider making this your routine as an adult and you’ll feel in control for the next day – it may prevent those random thoughts while trying to fall asleep.

As always, feel free to share your feedback on these tips via I’d love to hear from you!

Sweet Dreams!





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