How Are You Escaping the “Noise?”

Six months ago, I decided to create an office in our home where, traditionally, would be the formal living room.  I worked with a contractor and decorator to create my own space.

Facing the front of the house with lots of natural light and plenty of room to spread out, I was elated by the idea of having access to my office on the main level. The “mommy brain” kicked in “if you can do one task why not do ten?” seemed to be perfectly supported by this idea. Most days, except for Wednesday’s (infamous blower, mower and edger day), I found it to be relatively quiet.

It’s no longer the case. Multiple service vehicles - FedEx, UPS, Instacart and the infamous Lawn Day Wednesday, have all invaded our quiet neighborhood. Dogs, doing what they do, are endlessly barking, warning of these “invaders”. Neighbors are outside circling the cul-de-sac to stay sane, home improvements projects abound, of course a few new puppies are getting our attention. Plus the “work from home” for everyone adds a completely new dimension.

Probably by now you have guessed that escaping the noise is impossible. But..that’s not what I want to write about.

How are you escaping the noise in your head? The health crisis, the election, the abrupt yet long lasting changes to your life, the impact on you and your family emotionally, physically and mentally, and the “fear” of what’s to come has created a defining “noise level” in our heads. The emotional roller coaster for each of us has brought a new meaning to “ups and downs”.

We brainstorm ideas of ways to stay focus on tasks such as as starting our day in gratitude, regular exercise, healthy food choices and managing our screen time. While these are ideal and definitely help, the truth is you have to be vigilant about controlling your thoughts so you are not wasting precious time and allowing the noise to take over.

On this Monday, knowing that life is uncertain and the future unpredictable, make a commitment to drown out the noise, sing your song, spread love and most of all find joy in everyday. It is precious.

Love to read your suggestions... please post below.💕



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