How Do You Inspire People Around You?

Recently, I was having coffee with a friend. She said, you should write a blog about how your partners, family and friends help to motivate you. I asked her what that meant. She told me her husband was a yoga enthusiast and there was a time that he would bring her coffee at 5:30 am, she would roll out of bed, exercise and start her day. “I’ve never been in such great shape, she says, I need to get back to it.”

Personally, I love this story and have several similar ones of my own. To me, life is about connecting. Not through social media (although I personally love social media), but face to face. Being present in the moment, feeling that the other personal is paying attention and sharing thoughts, feelings and beliefs. If we can connect with others, we then can find ways to inspire and grow together even if our goals are so different.

You may not desire to rise at 5:3O am to exercise, but I’d venture to guess that someone in your life has lifted you up. Maybe it was a parent who helped you across the school finish line when you were ready to give up, maybe it was a friend when you needed a shoulder or maybe it was a co-worker who understood that the load was too much and stuck around to aid you in meeting the unreasonable deadline.

Take the time today to engage with a family member, friend or colleague and begin to support their goals and dreams. Yours will too come alive.

Hoping this blog begins a new outlook and frames you for a better day ahead.

Hugs, Alison

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