How to Create Your Vision

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision.” Helen Keller

The story of Helen Keller is where I was able to pull inspiration for this blog. She was born in Alabama (a southern girl) in 1880 and lost her hearing/sight at 19 months due to illness. Most of us know bits and pieces of her story, but what I find fascinating is her determination, will and soul. Once she mastered communication (and it was far from easy), she was unstoppable. Helen Keller graduated from Harvard, traveled the world, was an author and died just a few days short of her 88th birthday. Truly a remarkable woman.

As we enter 2019, are you clear on your “vision” for the next 12 months? Have you spent time reflecting? Have you written down your desires, wishes and dreams for 2019?

We are bombarded with offers to participate in challenges related to resolutions all focusing on filling a gap where we can get assistance to achieve our desired results. It’s wonderful to have so many available resources…

Where are You Today?

Which one of these statements do you identify with today?

“I no longer make resolutions because I don’t like failure.”

“I resolve to make a few small changes to achieve baby steps and then determine what’s next.”

“I am out to make a major impact on my life and totally and fully commit to changes.”

Let’s be clear…if you avoid change/growth because of a belief that you will fail, take some time to reflect on why failure is your end game instead of success and accomplishment.

6 Suggestions on Creating & Achieving Your Vision

A few helpful tips on creating your vision:

1. Breakdown your vision into categories: Spirituality, You, Family, Friends, Community (Giving Back) and Career.

2. Set 1 goal for each category - For example: I will call a friend that I do not regularly see and schedule time to catch up once a month. Over a year, that would be 12 friends. Make sure you write down these goals, organize and prioritize.

  “A Harvard Business Study found that the 3% of graduates from their MBA who had their goals written down, ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97% put together, just ten years after graduation.” Read more...

Meaning that most people who don’t write down their goals and set-out a plan to accomplish them will most likely not achieve the desired results. WOW!

So it’s obviously important.

3. Create a Your Vision - Create a visual of your goals. Vision Boards are a fun way to display your goals and dreams. It can be a cork board, sheet of paper or file folder. No right or wrong.

If that’s not for you, here are a few other ideas:

a. Create a Pinterest Board.

b. Voice record your goals and play them back.

c. Make a movie on your computer. Watch it daily.

d. Write them on a piece of paper and review 2 x a day. Re-write them daily to commit to memory.

4. Find an Accountability Partner - Ask someone who you can align with if they are willing to be your accountability partner during the year to keep each other on track. Schedule regular check-ins.

5. Commit to be CONSISTENT – Your commitment to consistently work on your vision each day will be the key to unlocking your success. Will it be easy? NO. Will you be challenged to stop and give up? YES. DON’T. Keep going if you get sidetracked or fall off course. Get right back into the game!

6. PLAN, DO & REVIEW – During the year, set times to review your goals, where you stand (is it working?), if no, revise and proceed.

We may read about Helen Keller or others who rose to the top from adversity and compare yourself – DON’T. Everyone’s journey is unique and special - you have a light and a passion. Together, let’s make 2019 YOUR YEAR – You Got This!

Wishing you all the best in 2019!



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