Let’s Get Accountable

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result” ~ Bob Proctor 

Are you self-motivated or are you more inspired when you have someone to work with you? Your answer might vary depending on the activity or task. For me, I love to work-out with a partner. Meeting a friend at the gym or at an exercise class gives me an opportunity to catch up as well as achieve my goal of exercising regularly. I am less likely to cancel or no show if I know someone is depending on me.  This group of stars ,in the picture, are unstoppable and have proven, time and time again, that having accountability partner(s) is inspiring, important and a key to success! 

Most of us, are accountable to our family, friends and employers but don’t adhere to the same commitment to ourselves. Why is that? Maybe you think it’s selfish. Maybe you can cope better knowing everyone else is okay (pleaser) or maybe you are patient and able to wait for “your time”.  

Let’s take the position, that your time is now! Hopefully, you have an idea of what your goals are for 2019. Here is a great chart showing the 2018 and 2019 top resolutions. In Georgia where I live, it’s 40% travel… read more. 


Who doesn’t want to get healthy, save money, make new friends, get a new job/hobby, find love and travel more? I love this list. Unfortunately, according to this next chart, our ability to achieve these resolutions diminishes significantly as the year progresses.  


What can we do beat these odds?  

Let’s Get Accountable!  

Tips for Getting Accountable 

1. Create a Goal Statement – Recently, a colleague recommended ~ “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. The obvious objective of this book is to assist one increasing their fortune. Last week, I went on a road trip with my parents and listened to a few chapters of the book. My father, who has been in sales his whole career, was intrigued. He told me that he read it 5 times and it works. Here is an outline for creating your statement from the book – you can substitute “money” for your goal.  

a. Fix your mind on exactly the amount of ”money” you desire. 

b. Determine what you intend to give in return for the “money” you desire. 

c. Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the “money” you desire. 

d. Create a definite plan, begin at once, whether you are ready or not, put the plan into action. 

e. Write it in this order 

f. Read it before bed and upon rising – 2 x per day 

2. Choose an Accountability Partner (s) Take some time to make a list of people who would be appropriate to be your accountability partner(s) for the specific goal. The first person may or may not be up for the challenge. Don’t be discouraged. You need a partner who will be honest with you, help keep you focused and someone who you can celebrate with when you both succeed. You and your partner may or may not have the same objective.  

 3. Schedule Your Check-ins – I love the idea of a daily 15 minute check-in that’s used in SCRUM method. Set a time each day to have a quick check-in with your partner to discuss what you did yesterday and what you have planned for today as it relates to your goal.  

4. Set Date/Times to Plan, Do and Review – When you have a goal, there may be challenges and roadblocks that you did not anticipate as well as opportunities that were equally unexpected. Make sure you and your accountability partner agree to find time to plan, do and review together. During this process, you may rewrite your statement and move forward.  

5. Plan the Celebration – What is going to happen when you reach the ½ way point? I believe in setting interim goals and celebrating the progress with gratitude. Maybe write your accountability partner a short note of appreciation, treat yourself to something special or just sit at the park and talk about how wonderful it is to have reached this point. 

We can all achieve greatness. Let’s get accountable and move the curve into a different direction. 

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