Live To Eat Or Eat To Live?

Live to Eat was always my moto. Eating represents family time, social time with friends and holidays. It's a key component in my life.

I would say that over the past 2 years, I’ve had a real change in my mindset from “Living to Eat” to “Eating to Live.” As a baby boomer and a woman in my 50's, my mortality is more evident ever day. My parents are aging, my friends are experiencing health challenges and we have lost a loved ones to disease. Living longer is one part, but living healthy longer is a whole new perspective. I not only want to see my daughter graduate from high school and college, travel with my husband, assist my elderly parents, be at my children's weddings and roll around on the floor with my grandchildren, I want to enjoy each and every minute. While we are all living longer, the quality of life as we age is important. No one wants to be a prisoner in their body.

Now, I eat foods that nourish my cells. As you enter the fall and holiday season, you should eat and enjoy the foods that bring you comfort and remind of good times. Use those times and make good choices. Most holidays are celebrated in one day. No need to use an entire month as an excuse to sabotage your health. Enjoy the meals and send the leftovers home with family or friends. The next day, get right back on track. Also, eat all of your meals and snacks on holidays such as Thanksgiving. Don't wait and gorge on the one meal. It's super stressful on your digestion and organs. It makes the other days that much harder to get back on track.

Here are four tips to help you “Eat to Live”:


It's so important to get rest. Cut your phone off, get rid of the lights in your room, and try to go to bed at the same time and get rest. Why do we need rest? 7-9 hours are you nuts lady?! I don't need a lot of rest, but I'm forcing myself to go to bed over the last month around 10 p.m. because I get up super early. When you get adequate rest, your body has a chance to repair- key to reducing stress and balancing.  It is proven that if you don't get adequate rest, that your body releases hormones and you can over eat up 300 calories. Not sleeping can contribute to the difficulty of losing weight when you may think it's menopause or other aging conditions.


If you weigh 100 pounds, drink 50 ounces of clean water. It doesn't include coffee, tea or other liquids. Water helps with digestion, going to the bathroom, your skin and hair. Your body needs water and has a lot of water, so drink up. If you do not get adequate amounts of water, you could actually eat more when you are truly thirsty.


Get out and walk with your family during the holidays. I love it starting my day with a really good workout. Although I may not work out every day, I sometimes find that I need that “high” from a hard workout because exercise it increases endorphins and decreases stress.

Shift Your Mindset

Think about using food as a healing agent and for longevity, instead of just enjoyment and social events. If you shift your mindset and eat because you want to live longer and spend more time with your family, then you are eating to live.

If anyone wants to learn more about what I'm doing, I'd love to just share with you. Fueling your body with good nutrition to feel and look amazing.

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