My Week on NYC Metro

This past week I was in New York City. 6 million people are in the city each day. Taking public transportation is the cheapest, quickest and most efficient way to travel around. My unlimited Metro Card for the week was $32. Of course there is Uber, Lyft and Via as well as the famous NYC Yellow Taxis.

I learned going 4 miles can take up to an hour (many times contemplating walking), there is a maze of different lines (L, 1, M, Q, A, Etc..) various and alternate ways to go and not to go. Luckily, my family would direct me by text or quiz me as I began my journey.

Did I get lost? You bet I did!

Did I ask for help? You bet I did!

Who says people aren’t friendly in NYC? Take that back!!

Many people along the way were gracious and pointed me in the right direction. One man was very kind to let me tag along to the right stop and I learned he was a parent of a teen that attended my nephew’s  school. What are the chances of that in 6 million people?

Riding the train over 2 hours a day gave me a chance to observe how to properly behave like a local. I can listen to something on my headphones (which 90% of people do), preach, rap, climb on the rails, ask for money, read, talk with friends, sleep, eat, talk to myself  and of course text (if there is service). I can also complain about how crowded it is, help a mom whose kid is having a tantrum, bump into people while trying to hold on, give my seat to an elderly person or just appear to be pissed off at the world!

As you walk through the tunnels, there are musicians, artists and in one place there was a wall of post it notes where people wrote secrets.  Sneakers are the shoe of choice. Seems logical! It’s actually a fashion statement. High tops, low tops, running shoes, matching shoes and designer brands costing upwards of $800 a pair. You are not going to believe it but most are WHITE!! Yes! WHITE! I did not indulge in the high priced shoes to join the club. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of wearing sneakers for other than exercise, but I don’t regularly walk 5 miles a day to get from point A to point B. It’s a necessity!   While I cannot say I’m an expert at the subway (yet), I can truly appreciate it. I voted myself the Subway Queen for the week!

On a side note, took 1 taxi from the airport because LaGuardia is under construction and it’s a mess - don’t take Uber! Took another one in the pouring rain because I accidentally got on an express train ending up about a mile further out. Took 2 Via’s - one tried to leave me under a bridge in the pouring rain and one wanted me to climb over a stranger to get out. Now that’s not cool.

So what’s my point. Honestly, it was just a week long experience of maneuvering around “the city”. To me it’s a wonderful source of entertainment all to itself - I did see a subway rat on my last ride. Now that I could have done without.

I do love NYC for its rich culture and now for this awesome way to get around the city.

Hope you have a great week!

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Happy Trails!

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