Organizing your Week for Success

Starting your week in an organized fashion makes a huge difference. I always like to set aside time on the weekends to get organized. Typically, it’s Saturday/Sunday for me, but it doesn’t matter what day you plan – setting yourself up for success is your goal.

Organized Mess

What do I mean? It freaks me out when I go into rooms in my house and they are all a mess. Call me OCD, Crazy Mom, whatever - raising three kids, their ability to destroy a clean house in a matter of minutes drove me nuts. I like to create a place where the unorganized stuff goes and is centralized. In my house I use an extra laundry basket or two. I put mail, purses, papers, etc. Why? I can then transport the basket to the appropriate place. The papers are together and can be filed or trashed accordingly. It helps to not feel so overwhelmed.

Reserve Time for Deep Cleaning

If you can, use an evening during the week to clean your house, change your sheets and do laundry. I find that these tasks don’t seem so daunting if it’s part of your “work week.”

Meal Prep

If eating healthy is your goal, planning your meals and snacks should be a priority. I suggest that you sit down with your calendar. Typically, I will only plan for three dinners during the week. For one of those meals, I will make enough to freeze. For example, I might make a large veggie lasagna and freeze the extra in glass containers. It’s great to have a few meals on reserve for those nights when you have the best intentions, but are just too tired to cook. Soups, chili and spaghetti sauce are other great ideas that you can make and freeze especially with the fall and winter months ahead.

Bonus Tips:

Make your list and shop. Plan to cook on a different day. After I plan and shop, I’m tired. Starting to cook and clean on the same day is not ideal. 

Once you start to cook, prep your meals for the week – cut-up the veggies and store in Ziploc bags - makes busy week nights a breeze. Roast and grill your meats together, make a large salad in a sealed container, cook a pot of quinoa, bake sweet potatoes and make brown rice. All of these will last the whole week. Within a matter of minutes, you will have a delicious healthy dinner.

Plan A Day Ahead

What? Yes…before you go to bed, review your calendar for tomorrow and make your to-do list. It’s so helpful to go to sleep with a clear mind on what’s ahead for you.

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