These Boots Are Made For Walking

A little history before we get to the blue suede boots with the gold heels.

As a young girl, I spent my summers with my grandparents on St. Simons, Island (tried summer camp, but not my thing).

St. Simons Island is a small island off the coast of Georgia. My grandfather owned a shoe store in “town” – that was Brunswick, Georgia. He was a bright man and an early entrepreneur. We called him “Papa Joe”. He was a stately man, loved politics and a risk taker.

I worked beside my grandfather, grandmother and aunt in the store during the summers. Papa Joe taught me how to properly fit shoes, provide stellar customer service and learn how to run the back office. When he visited Atlanta to purchase inventory, he took me with him to market to learn the buying process. It was a great learning experience and one that I believe gave me the foundation to become an entrepreneur myself.

Upon returning home after the summer break, he made sure I sported the latest styles in my size. What young female in the late 70’s/80’s didn’t have or want a pair of Candies?  I had them in several colors.

To this day, I still love shoes hence the blue suede boots with the gold heels. There were so many lessons from this experience, but one that resonates with me is that he would say “you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear”.  Do you find that people notice your shoes?

Recently, I was at a party and a gentlemen guest politely asked me “how do you walk in those heels?”. My response was that I love shoes and especially enjoy wearing heals.

High heels give me confidence, allow me to feel very feminine and bring back these childhood memories. Shoes are my thing.

Do your shoes really tell a lot about you? My grandfather sure thought so. When I think about shoes, his philosophy on life and being an entrepreneur, there are a lot of correlations.

First, I listen to my client’s needs, educate on alternative options, and collaborate to implement and achieve results. I am walking in their shoes....these boots are made for walking.

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