Travel Tips for Staying on Track

It’s frustrating when you are trying to lose weight or start a new healthy lifestyle and traveling comes up early in your program. It tends to really throw you off your mojo. It’s easy to blame traveling on your inability to stick with a new program, but here are a few tips to adjust and have a positive outcome.

Adjust Your Mindset

There is a lot of information on mindset. The more that I read and learn, it’s your inner voice that you need to control. Find a saying or mantra each day that you can recite when you are traveling to help you stay on track. For example: “I broke up with dieting and now I eat for nourishment, to fuel my body and to live a healthier life.” Knowing why you started the journey makes a huge difference in staying on course.

Be Prepared

I love this one because it is so easy! Review your trip and the plans for the meals. When you are traveling, plan to take healthy snacks and light meals with you. When we travel, we pack protein bars, fruit, cheese and crackers, cut-up veggies and lots of water. Pack other snacks in your suitcase to enjoy on your trip as well. If you have weight limits, search out local stores and stock your room with water and snacks.

For meals, eat salads (dressing on the side), a protein and veggies. Since you are more likely to overeat or indulge on vacation, avoid carbohydrates especially if drinking is a part of the trip.

Tell the waiter not to add butter or oil to your meats and veggies. Restaurants want you to leave satisfied and tend to add lots of hidden calories in their food to make it taste better. Some people hate to have this conversation with the server. If that’s you, call ahead and talk to the manager. For some easy solutions for specific options for meals on the road, reach out.

Fight Travel Constipation

If you are traveling by plane, do you ever get constipated? Changes in your schedule, altitude and different time zones can affect your bowel movements. Consider taking a probiotic supplement or eating yogurt with live cultures before you hit the road. While you’re traveling, take short breaks to walk around to stretch your legs. When you reach your destination, move around, eat fiber-rich foods and drink lots of water.   Vacation Constipation Is Real—Here’s How to Keep It From Ruining Your Next Trip

Intermittent Fasting on Travel Days

Intermittent Fasting on travel days is ideal.  You will have mental clarity and reset your body. Tackling the home front after vacation will be a breeze.

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