What To Wear While Exercising

5 Tips On What To Wear During Exercise

Let’s give some attention to your workout wardrobe. It’s easy to throw on your favorite baggy shirt and shorts or leggings before you work out, but it’s important to think about functionality, safety and comfort when choosing your exercise clothes.

Here are six tips that can help you decide!

Tip #1: Loose Clothing

I prefer to wear leggings, sports bras and tops that are close fitting, made of engineered fabric that absorbs not only moisture but also odor and allows me to feel confident in my workout clothes. Recent studies also show that compression clothes can help your training and recovery –  they help hold muscles in place, maintaining more power and activity and reduce muscle swelling.  Luckily, these types of clothing are readily available to all of us. In some cases, I find myself even wearing these garments on non-workout days!

Tip #2: Think About Color

Layering is a great idea as we enter into the cooler months. That way, you can always take some layers off as you warm up. For those of you exercising outside, color can be a factor. Dark clothes can soak up the sun, so wear lighter colors during the summer to keep you cooler. The opposite works as well: In the winter, wear dark clothes to trap light and help you stay warm.

Get A Good Sports Bra

It is important to invest in a good sports bra that will protect your breasts and keep them from bouncing painfully while exercising. Remember, continuous and repetitive movements during a workout can results in soreness, pain and sagging breasts. Read here about why sports bras important and how to find the right sports bra.  Shop around, try on different styles and invest in a few bras that work well for you.

Choose Right Fabric

If you tend to sweat a lot during exercises, wear material that soaks up wetness, such as polypropylene, which is water-resistant. Other choices include bamboo, which is a natural fabric that’s light, breathable and moisture-wicking. It also protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. Cotton tends to stay wet longer if you sweat a lot, but if you’re worried about post-workout smell, it can be a good choice as it gives off less of a stench compared to other materials.   10 Fitness Fabrics Explained.

Right Shoes

Make sure your shoes are sturdy, with cushioned soles and arch supports. Also, every shoe is different depending on the activity. Wear tennis shoes if you’re playing tennis. If you’re a runner, choose a right pair of running shoes. A salesperson can help you find the right type of shoe and help you measure your foot and check the fit.

What do you like to wear during your workouts? Contact me at alison@alisonandco.com and share your go-to outfits!

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