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At Alison & Co. collaboration is our core value and the foundation for all that we set to achieve. We are excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and help to outline your goals, achieve them and make your dreams a reality.

Multiple Income Stream Mentoring

If you have chosen to take the first steps in your entrepreneurial journey, you know there are a lot of tough decisions and roadblocks in your way. Alison, having grown multiple businesses, has the experience, proven tools and methods to help you gain financial independence.

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Corporate & Civic Wellness Presentation

Keeping your employees healthy is critically important to your business. If your organization has a wellness program in place, then you understand how valuable such a program can be to employee retention, happiness, illness prevention—and to your bottom line.

I am a health and wellness consultant on a mission to help energize and inspire executives, supporting corporate wellness programs with dynamic Lunch and Learn events that promote healthy behaviors. With the right tools, support, and motivation, people can and do change their behaviors.

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Personal Health

Alison works one-on-one with each client to understand your health goals, whether it be weight wellness, increased energy, better sleep, healthy aging and/or athletic performance. The process starts with brief questionnaire and a free consultation.

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