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At Alison & Co. collaboration is our core value and the foundation for all that we set to achieve. We are excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and help to outline your goals, achieve them and make your dreams a reality.

Personal Health

Alison works one-on-one with each client to understand your health goals, whether it be weight wellness, increased energy, better sleep, healthy aging and/or athletic performance. The process starts with brief questionnaire and a free consultation.

We have a strong support team. Each of us started with different health goals and have not only achieved our initial goals, but have set new ones. You may join, at first, to lose weight, but once you feel better, look better and sleep better, we find that you will set new milestones. We love the results, but most of all we understand that it's not easy and appreciate the support and guidance we give each other. Never could we have imagined that a program such as this would be so much more that what we initially set out to achieve. 

When you decide to proceed, together we outline a plan, set attainable goals and coach you all along the way! 

Take Your First Step by completing the questionnaire. Afterwards, schedule a phone consultation to begin your education on how the program could best meet your needs. We don't promise this program is for everyone, but what we do promise is that we will listen to your needs and do our best to provide a solution that's right for you!

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Corporate & Civic Wellness Presentation

Keeping your employees healthy is critically important to your business. If your organization has a wellness program in place, then you understand how valuable such a program can be to employee retention, happiness, illness prevention—and to your bottom line.

I am a health and wellness consultant on a mission to help energize and inspire executives, supporting corporate wellness programs with dynamic Lunch and Learn events that promote healthy behaviors. With the right tools, support, and motivation, people can and do change their behaviors—I have seen life-affirming behavior change among my wellness clients as well as during my own personal story of transformation.

As someone who helped to grow several successful companies and entrepreneurial ventures over the course of my career, I understand the struggles busy executives face and how challenging self-care can be in these contexts. My candid and informational seminars draw on my vast experience to offer practical and proven methods for helping even the busiest executives create positive, incremental change—changes that can lower health risks, increase productivity, and inspire a more positive outlook on life and work.

If you are ready to add value to your business while making your employees feel supported and rewarded, let’s connect. I can offer you a FREE 15 minute consultation. Schedule appointment with me by clicking the "Let's Discuss Your Company's Needs".

Let's Discuss Your Company's Needs....

Business Development

If you have chosen to take the first steps in your entrepreneurial journey, you know there are a lot of tough decisions and roadblocks in your way. Alison, having grown multiple businesses, has the experience, proven tools and methods to help you gain financial independence. Schedule your free consultation.

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